Giving vulnerable women the knowledge and skills to earn their own income and support their families.


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Empowering women

Friendship gives vulnerable women in the chars the opportunity to contribute to the income of their household or even achieve self-reliance. By providing them with training and the opportunity to earn their own income, these women can immediately establish their own identity, achieve personal growth and enrich their lives by opening doors that were previously closed to them.

What we do at the center


Women are taught to dye the raw cotton by hand in small lots using natural dyes.


Women learn to draw out fibres from the cotton mass and twist them together through a hand-spinning process to form a continuous yarn ready for weaving.


We train women to become skilled weavers and produce cotton fabrics using a traditional hand-operated loom.


Women learn to imprint designs and patterns on the fabric by hand using wooden blocks and natural dyes.


Friendship provides free training in the use of sewing machines and tailoring. After the completion of the classes, we supply trainees with sewing machines so that they can work to earn an income for themselves and support their families.


We provide free sewing and hand embroidery training. The classes comprise cutting and sewing skills, which enable the trainees to work independently or seek skilled employment.

How we have made a difference

Social exclusion

Vulnerable women (orphans, young widows and divorcees) are frequently viewed as an economic burden on their families and face exclusion and a life of misery. Friendship’s vocational training courses help them build a better future for themselves. They can earn an income (and even work from home while continuing in their traditional role as homemakers), which sets them on the path out of poverty and social exclusion.

Early marriage

Girls in the char communities are considered social and financial burdens and are frequently married off at a very early age. Thanks to our weaving centers, young girls can achieve a skill-set that enables them to earn their own living. They are no longer considered as a burden and can achieve a social status that enables them to avoid falling prey to early marriage.

Financial independence

Thanks to our weaving, tailoring and embroidery centres, community members be transformed from being unskilled and dependent upon others to becoming skilled workers, earning an independent income and contributing to the family’s economy. This enhances their sense of self-worth, as well as their social status and that of their entire family.

Role model for children

The weaving centres contribute towards transforming the male dominant mind-set of the chars. Friendship’s initiative has given the char women a sense of prestige that comes from being income- earning members of their community. Their financial independence sets a strong example for their children.

Think big, start small, begin now

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