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Friendship Colours of the Chars endorses slow fashion with fabrics produced by women in char areas

December 8, 2021

Friendship Colours of the Chars organised A Night of Tradition at Le Meridien, Dhaka on 26 November to celebrate the rise of slow/sustainable fashion in Bangladesh.

The event showcased a unique collection of sarees, scarves, ready-to-wear, indigo-dyed fabrics and more in a wide range of designs; all of which are slowly and meticulously hand made by women in the remote, river-island (char) areas of Bangladesh.

The fashion walks were represented in six broad categories: Handloom, Jamdani, Readyware, Silk, Indigo and the Friendship Colours of the Chars’ flagship outlet in Luxembourg.

The brand works with marginalised women of the char communities and trains them on weaving, dyeing and embroidery; at the end of which they are provided with employment opportunities. To date, over 2,500 women were provided with the opportunity to gain financial independence through their free training programmes. The event was aimed at celebrating handcrafted designs by local artisans, preserving the heritage of Bengal.

Friendship Colours of the Chars also bolsters modern ready-to-wear, keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

The traditional techniques of handmade, slowly crafted fabrics and jewellery are largely forgotten in today’s fast-paced, mechanical world of factory-made garments. This “fast” fashion industry leaves an enormous environmental footprint, accounting for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, and 20% of wastewater worldwide. Discarded clothes fill landfills around the world, as consumers feel pressured to buy more and more to keep up with the latest trends.

Each thread carries powerful stories of marginalised women behind their creation.

Friendship Colours of the Char embraces the concept of slow/sustainable fashion to protect the environment and produce fabrics that protect the people, environment and planet. The term primarily asks consumers to be aware of how the clothes they wear are created.

Nazia Mahjabeen Sabet, Director of Operations, Nodi Ltd., said, “Friendship Colours of the Chars is the first slow/sustainable fashion brand in Bangladesh. Our products are handmade using traditional techniques of weaving (handlooms), dyeing, printing and embroidery.

Jamdani represents the finest handmade creation of the Bangladeshi tradition, made from cotton and embroidered with unique designs.

We emphasize zero-waste principles and all the colours are fully natural dyed. Our purpose is to promote slow fashion, thereby protecting the environment and people, while respecting the history and heritage of Bengal. We want to take Bangladeshi culture and tradition to the world.”

The Director of Operations with the designers make the final walk on the runway

A Night of Tradition was sponsored by the City Bank with Persona as its makeup partner, and was attended by more than 200 notable personalities across various industries, international entities and formal organisations.

Emulating the weavers that made her garb, Friendship Colours of the Chars is going beyond borders to represent the infusion of Bangladeshi heritage and slow fashion across the globe.

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