Encouraging parents to allow their children the chance to study beyond primary education.


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The challenges we face

Low secondary school attendancy rates

Parents do not always see the value of a secondary education for their children, particularly for girls. Even if they do, students often drop out early to be used as child labour to supplement family income, or due to the lack of educational facilities within local communities. Friendship seeks to remedy this by providing free, quality, secondary classes as close to home as possible.

Finding qualified secondary school teachers

It is challenging to find qualified secondary school teachers in the Char areas. Our solution is to use pre-recorded video lessons projected onto TV monitors powered by solar panels. The lessons are recorded in our studio in Dhaka by teachers from nationally renowned schools and sent to local Friendship schools on a CD. Classes are supervised by facilitators who receive training from the Dhaka-based teachers.

What impact we have had

Reducing early marriage

Girls of secondary school age are particularly vulnerable to the practice of early marriage. Few girls in remote areas are willing, or have the means, to attend distant secondary schools. Friendship’s secondary education program gives girls the opportunity to continue their studies within their own community and to envisage a brighter future for themselves.

Reducing child labour

Children in remote areas frequently pass immediately from primary education to a life of daily labour. The secondary education program gives them unprecedented access to other options.

Bringing classes closer to home

Friendship has provided local char communities with quality secondary school classes thanks to their ingenuity and technology. We now seek to increase the number of local secondary school facilities so that more pupils can attend classes close to home.

Think big, start small, begin now

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