Friendship helps poor communities rebuild their homes and livelihoods after disaster strikes.


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Recovering after a natural disaster is a lengthy and difficult process. We strive to assist communities in rebuilding their homes and livelihoods by helping arrange and finance rebuilding efforts. When rebuilding, we aim to create an infrastructure that is more durable when faced with natural disasters. We also help communities obtain the services and support made available by the government.

Helping those who cannot afford to help themselves

Friendship begins by assessing the needs and existing resources readily available in the community. This enables us to prioritise and address the most urgent needs. It also promotes leadership from within the community, helps focus the collective effort and gives a voice to those who may feel they have none at a time when it is most needed.
Recovering After Natural Disaster - Building durable homes

Building durable homes

We provide material and expertise so disaster stricken communities can build safer and more durable homes and settlements.

Recovering After Natural Disaster - Building tube wells

Tube wells

We ensure safe drinking water is supplied to local communities by installing deep tube wells and cleaning ponds.

Recovering After Natural Disaster - Building water treatment centers

Water treatment plants

Our water treatment plants provide a reliable source of safe drinking water by cleaning any sources of water that might have been contaminated during a disaster

Recovering After Natural Disaster - Building WCs


The rapid replacement of basic sanitation is essential to avoid the spread of disease in the aftermath of a disaster. We help supply and install large quantities of improved hygienic latrines as part of the newly constructed infrastructure.

Think big, start small, begin now

Your donations will have a huge impact on the lives of those who need it most