SAFF Donates Footballs to Cox’s Bazar Youth through Friendship

A small ceremony was held with the children, Friendship, and SAFF staff on January 28, 2024. © Friendship
by BM Mostafa Jahan Adro
January 28, 2024

The South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) has donated 50 footballs to Friendship to promote sports, health, and well-being among the youth in Cox’s Bazar. The handover took place at the Friendship Club Centre in Rohingya Camp-19 on January 28.

The project, supported by the KLABU organization and French football club Paris Saint Germain (PSG), operates in both the local host community and the Rohingya refugee camps, bridging gaps and fostering unity through the universal language of sports. The focal point of the initiative is to provide children from both the local host community and the camps housing Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) in Ukhiya, with opportunities to engage in playing football. The 50 footballs donated by SAFF will play a crucial role in Friendship’s project activities, which aim to create a platform for children to participate in sports, promoting physical activity and fostering a sense of community, camaraderie and empathy.

Ahmed Toufiqur Rahman, deputy director at Friendship said, “We extend our sincere appreciation to SAFF for their generous donation. We eagerly anticipate future partnerships with SAFF, confident that together, we can continue fostering positive and impactful experiences for the youth in Cox’s Bazar.”

Tamim Khan (left) and Ahmed Toufiqur Rahman (right) during the event in January. © Friendship

“SAFF believes football is not just a game but a powerful tool to bring changes in the lives of people from different societies. SAFF is delighted to support Friendship in this cause as they are working with a special group of children to enhance their health, wellbeing and lifestyle,” said Tamim Khan, team manager at SAFF.

Friendship, known for its work in hard-to-reach and climate-impacted communities around Bangladesh, recognises the importance of sports in the holistic development of children. The donated footballs will contribute towards a positive environment that not only promotes play but also addresses vital aspects such as nutrition, good health, and overall fitness and its impact on children residing in areas of crisis.

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