Adults receive basic literacy and numeracy classes that can change their daily lives.


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Teaching adults

We offer adults a second chance at education thanks to our 8-month adult literacy program. Our priority is to ensure students can read, write and do basic calculations by the end of the program. Once the course is complete, we encourage students to attend our vocational training program (where they can learn trades such as weaving and tailoring) as well as other programs run by the government or other NGOs. In turn, these adult students are frequently motivated to send their children to Friendship schools.

What we teach

Woman attends a Friendship NGO adult literacy course


The adult literacy program is conducted over 8 months. Students learn to read and write, and to apply this knowledge in their daily lives

Woman attends a Friendship NGO adult numeracy course


Under the adult numeracy program, adults (and adolescents) learn about numbers and arithmetic so that they can keep track of their own financial matters, such as wages and market transactions.

Woman (and their children) attend a Friendship NGO adult literacy course

Good Governance Programme

Our curriculum also includes lessons on social rights, the legal system and how to access legal support. We also connect students with the more extensive programs of our Good Governance sector.

What impact we have had

Our classes give pupils the knowledge and tools to make a better living for themselves. They are now able to perform tasks including:

Checking payments and wages received
Reading and signing contracts without being cheated
Start training for employment
Understanding their civil and voting rights

Think big, start small, begin now

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