MOOC on Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship by Curtin University

Curtin University launched a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on “Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship”. This course will benefit individuals who are passionate about social justice and creating social impacts with a view to transforming the lives of the under served. Runa Khan is among the four highly successful social entrepreneurs who have generously shared their insights and experiences in this course.

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From social entrepreneurs, to those employed in a not-for-profit and entrepreneurs who value corporate social responsibility/sustainability within a business/government; this course will help them gain the relevant knowledge, tools, and skill-sets to further their passion for social change. Throughout the course, the participants will learn to apply the 24 steps of a disciplined approach

to social entrepreneurship, from ideation to development of the product plan.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Summarise the importance of social entrepreneurship
  • Explain how social entrepreneurships differ from traditional entrepreneurships
  • Use design thinking to generate solutions for a social problem
  • Delineate the characteristics of effective social entrepreneurs
  • Explore the different types of social entrepreneurships including structures and business models
  • Apply the disciplined entrepreneurship approach from ideation to developing the product plan

The course is available on the edX platform for users across the globe to enroll free of charge:

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