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January 30, 2020

Results time has traditionally been a time for celebrations at Friendship schools, since our students are used to outperforming their peers around the country in spite of their relatively underprivileged circumstances.

“The char is not like cities at all,” says Jamila Aktar, a teacher of Friendship Primary School in Shidhai. “It is difficult to access healthcare, and we have frequent storms and floods, during which students often take great risks to get to school. Some come to class on improvised rafts, or wade through knee-deep or waist-deep water. Their books often get damaged. Yet, they hardly miss school.”

“The char areas are off the grid so children rely on solar panels to light their rooms to study. On cloudy days, they have to find other alternatives.”

Last year all of her 26 students got GPA 5 (or A+, in local parlance) This year 8 students got A+ and four got A. Across all Friendship schools, 40.8% of PSC examinees received GPA 5, and 100 per cent passed. The national pass rate was 95.5%.

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