In the hard-to-reach river islands in northern Bangladesh, lack of access, roads and electricity create a situation in which educational institutions are extremely difficult to run. Schools are difficult to set up and it is hardly possible to find and maintain teachers in these areas. The challenge is therefore to bypass the geographical isolation and lack of qualified teachers by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and out-of-the-box thinking that yield real results.

Friendship NGO Bangaldesh

Starting from 2014, Friendship has created a unique, innovative education solution to the lack of accessibility in rural areas. Using digital media, computers and solar panels, this Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-aided solution puts lessons that are pre-recorded by the most qualified teachers from reputed schools in Dhaka, the capital, right at the fingertips of the students. This solution was spectacularly successful, making it a viable model now ready to be scaled up.

An Innovative Education System with Stellar Results

Friendship has created 7 ICT-aided secondary schools that have recently proven to be extraordinarily successful. 100% of the students, 56 in total, not only passed their Junior School Certificate (JSC) exams, but 98.2% scored an outstanding A/A- grade, putting them well above the national average, where the pass rate stood at only 85 % for the 2017 exam.

Women happy after receiving a cataract operation (Friendship Non-profit Bangladesh)

Pre-recorded classroom lessons projected on screen

Women happy after receiving a cataract operation (Friendship Non-profit Bangladesh)

Taught by qualified teachers from schools in Dhaka

Family received flood relief package

Facilitators who studied up to only grade 8 or 9 themselves

Child recovering with mother after receiving a club foot operation (Friendship Non-profit Bangladesh)

Powered by photo-voltaic panels due to no electricity distribution

Expanding on a formula which by now has passed the proof of concept test, we want to replicate and scale the model to provide access to quality secondary education to every child regardless of its geographical location or financial standing, taking the nation forward to a brighter future.

$10 will support the ICT-aided secondary education project in remote rural areas.

$33 will ensure ICT-aided secondary education for a student for 1 month.

$50 will support the operation of an ICT-aided secondary school for ongoing education.

$99 will ensure ICT-aided secondary education for a student for 3 months.

Help students in remote areas who could otherwise not continue their education.

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