A permanent base to provide medical services to remote communities.


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What are static clinics?

Static Clinics are built to provide medical services to patients living in areas far from other clinics or hospitals. They house medical equipment and test facilities, supply prescription medicines and serve as a base to support the mobile Satellite Clinic teams and Friendship Community Medic Aides.

What can be found in a static clinic?

Paramedics and doctors

The Static Clinics are staffed by trained paramedics and lab technicians and supervised by a qualified doctor.

Prescription medicines

Static Clinics are set up in rural locations where people otherwise cannot obtain essential prescription medicines

Test facilities

The clinics are equipped to carry out essential blood and other medical tests.

What services do we offer?

General health treatment
Family Planning
Treatment of burns and trauma
Child health
Non- transmissible diseases
Antenatal care and postnatal care
Reproductive health
Skin disease
Lab tests

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