An innovative satellite technology that helps diagnose conditions and share patient records.


What is SATMED?

Satmed enables advanced health consultations and improved recordkeeping via internet access. It links Friendship’s network and other NGOs that operate in remote areas by satellite to international hospitals and universities. Satmed is a major international development in telemedicine. It is backed by the Luxembourg government and uses a satellite of the Luxembourg satellite operator SES.

What does it allow doctors to do?

Share and update medical records

Video conferencing for doctors

Share medical teaching material and cases

Upload and download images and X-Rays

Share lab results between health professionals

Support analysis of surveys and studies

How does it work?

Friendship’s Hospital Ships are linked directly by satellite dish to a satellite of the Luxembourg satellite operator SES (Société Européene des Satellites).

The SATMED platform links Friendship with international medical experts and knowledge bases

Friendship’s patients’ records, images, scans and X-Rays are available to experts, while confidentiality is retained.

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