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What are satellite clinics?

These are mobile medical teams that carry out regular visits (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) to isolated communities. They consist of one paramedic and one clinic aide supported by the Friendship’s Community Medic-Aides, who are residents in each community. Their two main roles are to inform communities about hygiene and nutrition and to provide basic treatment and medicines.

What do they do?

Visit remote communities

They provide regular visits by trained paramedics into the community.

Spread health awareness

They deliver reliable information on hygiene, nutrition and family planning.

Dispense free medicine

They deliver treatment for common conditions and communicable diseases.

Identify needs for advanced care

By diagnosing and identifying patients’ needs for advanced care or treatment in a hospital they can help save peoples’ lives.

Keep patient records

In a shifting and often illiterate population they maintain vital data for analysis of the needs of individuals and communities.

Immunise children against diseases

They organise the timely and complete immunisation of new-born children against infectious diseases.

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