Innovative technology brings rapid diagnosis to the remotest patients.


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What is mHealth?

In remote communities, the lack of information on some basic medical conditions can lead to unnecessary suffering over long periods of time.  With the support of GSK, Friendship has developed a mobile-phone application to permit Friendship’s community Medic-Aides to analyse their patients’ symptoms on the spot and rapidly diagnose 32 common conditions.

How does it work ?

Database of common conditions

Friendship’s team of qualified doctors identified the symptoms of the 32 conditions most commonly found in the remote rural communities.

Analysing the symptoms via the app

Thanks to several years experience in the field, Friendship has developed a mobile phone based application that analyses these common medical conditions based on the symptoms described.

Training people to use the app

Local women known as Community Medic-Aides are trained to use the mobile phone diagnosis technology and thus provide basic medical aide to their community.

Think big, start small, begin now

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