Friendship trains local women in basic medical practices to help save and change lives.


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A focal point for healthcare in the community

The Friendship Community Medic-Aide is a vital link between her community and the healthcare system. She can diagnose common conditions before they become life/threatening and identify those that need advanced medical attention. As an integral member of the village, she is readily available at all times.

What do Friendship’s community medic-aides do?

Mother and child health

She’s an invaluable source of reliable pre- and post-natal information.


She trains mothers in early stage nutrition of children.

Family planning

She helps break down social barriers, distributes information and contraceptives (pills and condoms).


She distributes non-prescription medicines for minor ailments.

Increases healthcare awareness

She is trained to dispel myths and provide reliable information.

Advanced treatment

She arranges for patients to visit clinics and hospitals for further treatment.

Household visits

She regularly visits families at home offering them medical aid and general hygiene advice.

Assists paramedics

She prepares and helps patients attending clinics.

What do your donations help provide?

Diagnosis and disease prevention training to help recognise and cure ailments effectively

Diet and nutrition training to ensure children receive sufficient nutrients

Safe baby delivery training to offer quality assistance during home deliveries

First aid training to ensure crucial medical services in a remote set up

Training in medicine distribution to ensure those in need receive essential treatments.

Medical packs – baby delivery kits / family planning packs/ nutrition packs

Think big, start small, begin now

Your donations will have a huge impact on the lives of those who need it most