Our established network in the field ensures we can be rapidly on the scene to assist after natural disasters strike.


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Providing immediate relief when disasters strike

Friendship’s teams act quickly and work together with other organisations to provide immediate relief when disasters strike. Our priorities are to provide food, shelter, access to clean water and immediate healthcare. We survey how many people are injured and how many people will need relief, we then distribute emergency food packs and provide basic essentials.

What we do

Delivering immediate emergency relief and clean water

Distribution of safe drinking water

Water sources and distribution systems are often polluted or damaged in disaster situations bringing the risk of disease. As a priority, Friendship provides safe drinking water to communities during emergency situations until an operational infrastructure is restored.

Delivering immediate emergency relief - rebuilding after a cyclone

Provision of shelter

Char dwellers frequently lose their homes due to natural disasters. We provide them with immediate and short-term shelter, shelter kits and rebuilding assistance to facilitate the reconstruction of their home.

Delivering immediate emergency relief - providing food

Distribution of food packs and essentials

Friendship distributes food and other essential supplies to communities stricken by disaster.

Delivering immediate emergency relief - Paramedics in the field


We provide immediate medical support to the disaster-affected char communities. We coordinate teams of paramedics and doctors both from Bangladesh and abroad. We also arrange emergency healthcamps for the injured.

How we deliver relief

Cooperation with other relief agencies

We aim to deliver rapid, quality assistance to disaster-affected communities in a cohesive manner. We are able to do so by closely collaborating with other governmental and non-governmental agencies in relief efforts.

River ambulances

Each of our river ambulances is able to ferry up to 15 medical staff members at a time to a disaster stricken area.

Hospital ships

Friendship’ hospital ships bring immediate medical assistance to disaster affected areas.

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