Stand with Bangladesh

Marooned and Endangered

Still reeling from the worst floods in almost two decades, Bangladesh again is in crisis as water levels rise in the rest of the country. In Friendship’s working areas in the river island areas of Kurigram, Gaibandha, Jamalpur, Bogra and Sirajganj, an early flood has inundated and endangered thousands of families, depriving them of drinking water sources, mobility and proper sanitation.

More than 4 million people are marooned by floods, 1.3 million of those affected are children. 300,000 people have been temporarily displaced. Whereas water is subsiding in the northeast, and power has been largely restored, there remains a severe shortage of food and relief.

In Friendship’s working areas in the north, 12,703 acres (more than 51 km²) of crops have been destroyed, families displaced, livestock killed, hundreds of tube wells and latrines submerged, stocks of food and fodder depleted—leaving people in danger of disease and poverty.

The flood season has not even arrived yet, and already these communities are faced with grave losses. They need your support to recover and rebuild their resilience before the flood season hits in the coming weeks.

Let’s stand beside the flood victims of Bangladesh.