M. SYEDUZZAMAN, Chairman of Friendship NGO in Bangladesh (Board of Trustees)


Retired civil servant, originally recruited into the civil service of Pakistan in 1964. He also worked with Professor Yunus at Grameen Bank, after retirement from the Government he was the Chairman of Grameenphone during its formative years. He obtained his Master’s degree in Political Science from Dhaka University in 1962 and another Master’s Degree in Economic Development from Harvard University in 1975. He retired from Grameen Bank in 2004.

H Q Chowdhury - Vice-Chairman of Friendship NGO in Bangladesh

HQ CHOWDHURY, Vice-Chairman

Educated both in Bangladesh and abroad Mr. Chowdhury has vast experience in scientific methodology and laboratory profession. He was the Chief Consultant of US-based Spatial Education & Research (Asia Pacific Region) in 1988 and developed science laboratories. In 1993, he became the Founder Director of Plasma Plus, an Application & Research Laboratory and a not-for- profit scientific laboratory for training and research. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of Plasma Plus.

Runa Khan, founder of Friendship NGO Bangladesh (Board of Trustees)

RUNA KHAN, Member of the Board (Founder and Executive Director of Friendship)

Runa Khan is the Founder and Executive Director of Friendship, a need-based, non-profit organization in Bangladesh. She is also the Founder and Co-chair of Friendship International, operating in five countries. Friendship was founded, drawing upon her wide range of practical experiences of teaching, setting up small businesses, tourism, and communication among others. She is also a published author with eight books, six on pedagogy and two children’s story books. She is the Country Chair of Global Dignity Bangladesh. She has received international recognition and awards, some of them being, Ashoka, Schwab, IDB and is the only Rolex Laureate from Bangladesh.

SHAMIM AHMED KHAN, Treasurer of Friendship NGO Bangladesh


He is a Graduate and freelancer Poet. He has been involved with other NGOs, particularly with those who are working to rehabilitate and settle ‘Biharies’ (non-Bangalis) in Bangladesh who were settled here after 1971 liberation war. He has been a keen goodwill builder for Friendship for many years.

SYED NASIM MANZUR, Member of the board Friendship NGO Bangladesh

SYED NASIM MANZUR, Member of the board

Mr. Manzur is the Managing Director of Apex Adelchi Footwear Ltd. and Apex Enterprises Ltd. He is also the Director of multiple corporates including Apex Pharma Ltd., Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd., Quantum Consumer Solutions Ltd., and Apex Hotels Ltd. He is recognized very highly amongst both civil society and the government as a reputable contributor to Bangladesh both through his work as a businessman and socially responsible citizen.

ENAYET-E-RABBI, Member of the board Friendship NGO Bangladesh

ENAYET-E-RABBI, Member of the board

Mr. Rabbi is a keen agriculturist and has worked in the Private Sector. He had a tenure with American Express Bank in the early 1970’s. He works closely with his village ‘Chars’ and is an active participant in the welfare of his landed community. He has been involved with Friendship for the last several years and is presently involved with Friendship as its well-wisher.

SYED AFZAL HASAN UDDIN, Member of the board Friendship NGO Bangladesh

SYED AFZAL HASAN UDDIN, Member of the board

Mr. Afzal received his Bsc (Hons) degree in chemistry and Management from King’s college, London in 1993 and a postgraduate Diploma in Law from SouthBank University in 1994. Mr, Afzal was called to the Bar from Lincoln’s lnn, London in March 1996. He is enrolled as an Advocate of the High court Division of the supreme court of Bangladesh in 2001. Prior to joining chambers Mr. Afzar worked for the civil Litigation Department of Price Waterhouse in London from October 1995 to February 1998. At Price Waterhouse, he assisted in a variety of fraud related investigations. He also assisted in the review of various operations of different foreign banks in London to ensure their compliance with the Banking Act, 1987.

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