Ayesha Taasin Khan

Director and Head of Inclusive Citizenship and Education

Ayesha Taasin Khan is the Director and Head of Inclusive Citizenship and Education at Friendship. She is a Barrister, and before joining Friendship she has worked in reputed chambers and legal firms. She has authored and compiled legal manuals, which helped Friendship paralegals execute their journey for providing justice to the neglected communities in Bangladesh. Some of her syllabus and curriculum are now being used by the Government of Bangladesh by their request in their schools in some areas.

She was the vice-chairman of a Charity called ‘Okhorgyan’ which worked with slum children and their mothers to give minimum alphabet and numerical knowledge. She is the member of Right to Information Forum and Right to Information Commission in Bangladesh. She also has the membership of Canadian Bankers Association and Honourable Lincoln’s Inn. In her personal life, she is a north Indian classical vocalist, and has a keen interest in history, current affairs, development, equality and justice.