Zohora, 40

Kochkhali Char

Zohora’s Story

Zohora is a 40-year old mother of two. Sunk into poverty due to little or no working opportunities, it was difficult for her to make ends meet as she had no marketable skills. She was totally dependent on her husband and had to rely on him for money. But things started changing for the better, when she became aware of Friendship’s weaving center. She attended one of the project meetings and decided to learn the skill of weaving thereafter. Following her training period, she started working in Friendship’s weaving center and with her earnings was able to pay for her son’s university education.


“I’m not dependent on my husband anymore, and now I don’t even need to let him know about my worries. I take more responsibility for myself and my family. I also feel that my community sees me differently now; they treat me with respect as I earn a living for myself. The skill of weaving has really opened up job opportunities for me. With my earnings, my son has been able to graduate from University with a B.A. I am also able to send my other children to schools in the char, and hope to send them to the mainland for further studies.”

Who we fund

Friendship gives vulnerable women in the chars the opportunity to contribute to the income of their household or even achieve self-reliance. By providing them with training and skills, such as weaving, we give them the opportunity to earn their own income and enrich their lives by opening doors that were previously closed to them.

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Help us empower women in the char communities by providing them with new skills as well as income generating opportunities.