Yusuf, 8

Batikamari char

Yusuf’s Story

Yusuf is an 8-year old boy. He began his schooling in Gazipur where his mother worked in a weaving center. The school was expensive and it did not provide English lessons. Later, he and his mother had to move back to where his father was working. Yusuf’s parents learned about the quality education offered by Friendship’s schools. They found out that all textbooks and stationery are offered to the children for free and that we also teach English through our Listen to Learn program. Keen that his son should learn English, Yusuf’s father decided to enroll him.


“In the future, I want to become a teacher and distinguished person. I already try to teach my younger sister to speak English. It’s really funny. I like our English lessons and practicing talking in class.”

Who we fund

We are keen that the children attending our Friendship schools should learn English. It is very challenging, if not impossible, to find qualified permanent English teachers to teach in some of the remotest areas of Bangladesh. Our solution, the Listen to Learn project, is to use material recorded by English-speakers and made accessible by teachers and pupils using cost-efficient mobile-phone based technology.

Want to donate ?

Your donations enable us to provide English lessons to our pupils for free in poor and remote areas of Bangladesh.