Shohidul, 25

Sonnashir Char

Shohidul’s Story

Shohidul is 25 years old and is one of a family of twelve. Until recently, they had no electricity and relied on kerosene lamps to light their home. Shohidul works as a tailor. He made clothes using a manual sewing machine operated by a foot pedal. This type of repetitive manual labour proved to be tiresome whilst working day in and day out. Also at night his only light source was kerosene lamps that provide poor light, as well as being hazardous and polluting. This all changed when his family received a home solar system. He now uses an electric sewing and can work in the evening using electric lighting.


“Having the home solar system means that I can now earn more, I can work more efficiently and I am more at ease thanks to better working conditions. My sister can also study longer hours thanks to the new solar-powered lighting. She used to study by candlelight. Now she can study properly during the evening. So, for me the benefits of the home solar panel system far exceed the costs of running it.”

Who we fund

Friendship has developed a clean, environmentally friendly and low-cost solar panel that is adapted to suit the needs of the char dwellers. It can be used, for example, to power lighting thus replacing the traditional lighting source in poor rural areas of Bangladesh, the kerosene lamp. The kerosene lamp is inefficient, unhealthy and a dangerous source of fires. Friendship’s Solar Home System operates at the same cost to the user as the kerosene lamp and brings with it other advantages that greatly improve living standards.

Want to donate ?

Your donations can ensure that more solar home systems are installed thus helping to drastically improve the living conditions of underprivileged communities of Bangladesh.