Sheuli, 12

Batikamari char

Sheuli’s Story

Sheuli is 12-year old girl. Her parents are illiterate as they never got the chance to attend school. They did not want her to suffer the same fate and miss out on the opportunity of an education. Although schools are available on the mainland, it was difficult for them to admit her as they could not afford the fees and additional costs. When they heard about Friendship’s schools, they immediately decided to enroll her there. The school provides the lessons, text books, stationery and other extras for free. Currently, she is studying in one of Friendship’s Secondary Schools.


“I’m really happy I can go to school. My parents didn’t get the same chance and can’t read but I help them out at home with documents and things. They always tell me it’s important to continue studying. I got an A+ in my PEC (Primary Education Completion) exam last year and am now in secondary school. I want to continue studying to become a doctor when I grow up.”

Who we fund

It is a real challenge to find qualified secondary school teachers in remote areas in Bangladesh (such as the Chars). Our solution is to use pre-recorded video lessons projected onto TV monitors powered by solar panels. The lessons are recorded in our central studio in Dhaka by teachers from nationally renowned schools and sent to local Friendship schools on a CD. We also use donations to provide the children with text books, stationery and other extras for free.

Want to donate ?

Your donations enable us to provide quality secondary education for free to pupils in poor areas.