Shabana, 25

Chilmari, Karai-Barisal char

Shabana’s Story

Shabana (25 years of age) was suffering from health problems but felt too shy to speak about the issue and had never been diagnosed. She was told of the services and tests provided by Friendship’s Hospital ships including the Cervical Cancer Screening. These range of tests are not available anywhere else in the chars, whereas Friendship is able to provide them for free and also offers free medicine to cure ailments. Shabana took part in the Cervical Cancer Screening and thankfully her results came back negative. We were able to diagnose her condition and treat her successfully.


“I was scared because I didn’t know what was involved or how the test would be done. I decided to go ahead anyway and have the test without my husband’s consent…and I am glad I did because now I have been properly diagnosed and I’ve been given the medication to cure my condition. I also know what to expect of cervical cancer screenings.”

Who we fund

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in Bangladesh. Dwellers in remote areas such as the northern riverbank and the chars lack awareness and knowledge of cervical cancer and how it is detect it. As a result it often remains undiagnosed or is diagnosed too late for treatment to be successful. Friendship is proud to play a part in raising awareness and helping treat the disease. We organise awareness campaigns as well as offer free check-ups and early screening.

Want to donate ?

Thanks to your donations, Friendship can help identify women who are at a risk of cervical cancer, offer them free checkups and provide them with the appropriate treatment.