Nipa, 25

Kochkhali Char

Nipa’s Story

Nipa (25 years old) knew nothing about legal issues or citizen rights. This changed when she chose to attend group meetings organised by Friendship’s Inclusive Citizenship sector to help raise awareness.  One lesson she learnt in particular was that child marriage is a violation of human rights. Her 11 year-old daughter Eshita’s was set to be married but thankfully she was able to put an end to it with the support of Friendship’s local community paralegal, Sheikh Farid. Nipa now works towards preventing child marriage in her own community.


“I had to convince my husband and my in-laws to stop Eshita’s marriage. She was eleven at the time and I remember being quite surprised to learn during the meeting that getting married under the age of 18 is actually illegal. I had no idea. Lots of people do it where I live. I really want my daughter to continue her education so, unlike me, she knows her rights and can pass on this information to her children.”

Who we fund

Child marriage rates are very high in Bangladesh. Most girls in the remote riverine islands are married before they reach their 18th birthday. Friendship organizes theatre shows, as well as awareness meetings, to inform community members of their rights. These are particularly targeted at women and children. We also offer them access to paralegals who can advise them as to which legal steps to take.

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