Nazrul’s Story, 75

Chilmari, Karai-Barisal char

Nazrul’s Story

Until recently, Nazrul Islam (75 years old) had been bedridden. Suffering from severe cataracts in both eyes, he had become completely blind and was unable to work to support his family. Although it is a relatively simple operation, Nazrul had been unable to seek the treatment he required because cataract operations are costly. Instead, Nazrul had had to spend his earnings on the family’s house. Living in the Chars, their home had been destroyed several times due to land erosion forcing them to move on several occasions.

He had heard about the services offered on Friendship’s Hospital ships from other patients and was told of the possibility of receiving free cataract operations which he later benefitted from. His vision has been entirely restored in one eye and he has regained some vision in the other eye.  He was also given free medicines and post-operative care.


“I’m impressed with Friendship’s service, their behavior and their way of following-up after the operation. I also got free medicines. I can now see everything again, crystal clear, and my family is also relieved that I can see again.”

Who we fund

People from the char and riverbank areas suffer from a multitude of eye-related complaints, much of which can be attributed to their poverty, malnutrition and environment. As a consequence, those affected become an additional burden to their already poor families. Friendship organizes regular free health camps where specialists (local and foreign) operate and treat these patients in our hospital ships.

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Thanks to your donations we can restore the eyesight of people living in remote and marginalized communities and can provide them the opportunity of a new life.