Mosammat, 25

Pardiara Char

Mosammat’s Story

Mosammat is a 25-year-old mother. She never attended school, and until recently was completely illiterate. She couldn’t read the time or even write her own name. As a child, her parents had not seen the importance of her attending school, as they themselves had never done so and could not read or write. Mosammat stayed at home to help support her family and later take care of her own children.

This all changed when she met Morjina, one of Friendship’s teachers and decided to attend Friendship’s adult training course.


“My parents were illiterate and, looking back, none of us saw the need for me to go to school. I couldn’t read or even write my own name. Then I met Morjina and she convinced me to try out Friendship’s Adult Literacy Program. Now I can read and write. I really want to continue learning so I can pass on what I learn to my kids and encourage them to be curious and develop further. My children go to school and I’m grateful that they’re learning to read and write…an opportunity I missed out on at their age. I also see a difference with my in-laws…I feel they respect me more now that I can read and write. Not going to school was a mistake…I just wish I’d known sooner.”

Who we fund

The adult literacy program is an 8 month course in which we offer adults a second chance at education. Thanks to your donations, classes are free. We also supply students with text books and other materials. Our priority is to ensure students can read and write and do basic calculations by the end of the program. Once the course is complete, we encourage students to attend our vocational training program (where they can learn specific trades) so that they can make a better living for themselves and their families. These adult students are frequently motivated to send their children to Friendship schools.

Want to donate ?

We are proud to support adults like Mosammat. Your donations enable us to provide fundamental literacy classes to adults for free.