Meneka Begum, 30

East Batikabari char

Meneka Begum’s Story

Meneka Begum is 30, and lived on the East Batikamari char until her home was entirely destroyed by flooding. Like many others, she lost her livelihood and was forced to leave everything behind and move. She was told of a plinth (a raised mass of land that lies above the flood line) that Friendship had helped raise and was able to set up home there.


“We were living on a Char but were made homeless due to the flooding and had to move. I heard about the plinths that Friendship had been building and we were lucky to be able to move here. Its great because there’s also a clinic and a school nearby which is great for my family and also makes us feel more secure.”

Who we fund

In order to help communities cope with flooding as well as other natural disasters, Friendship has helped build a number of plinth structures in remote areas of Bangladesh. Each plinth houses a cluster village, comprising of approximately 30 households, water and sanitation facilities and, in most cases, a school and a community center. Not only do these plinths provide for those living in the cluster village but they can also serve as temporary shelter for displaced people after a natural disaster hits.

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Help Friendship build additional plinths to house the poor and displaced people of Bangladesh.