Hajera Begum, 55

East Batikabari char

Hajera Begum’s Story

Hajera Begum is 55 years old and lives on the East Batikabari char.  In 2015, her village was badly affected by flooding and they had not been prepared to deal with it. Her family received supplies (including food and clean water) as well as other emergency relief when Friendship intervened. Following this experience, Hajera Begum received training about what measures to put in place to reduce the impact of natural disasters.


“Our village was badly affected by the floods. We just weren’t prepared to deal with it. We had no food, nowhere to sleep, not even a stove to cook on. It was all washed away…quite frightening really. The whole village felt vulnerable but thankfully we received supplies and are now being given advice and guidelines on what to do if it happens again… I feel a bit more prepared but still want to learn more so we can try and reduce the damage next time it happens.”

Who we fund

Although we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening, we can try to reduce the impact they have on communities by putting the appropriate measures in place. Friendship establishes Disaster Management Committees whose goal it is to bring the communities together creating a forum in which they can share their experiences, assess risks and develop practical solutions using local knowledge and Friendship’s resources.

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Thanks to your donations we can develop practical solutions that help reduce the impact natural disasters have on the poor and marginalised communities in Bangladesh.