Golam Morshed, 42

East Batikamari char

 Golam Morshed’s Story

Golam Morshed is 42 years old and lives in East Batikamari. When Friendship formed a Friendship Disaster Management Committee (FDMC) in his community, he was selected to join and completed the training programme. Amongst other things, committee members are responsible for ensuring the community is aware of which course of action to take when a natural disaster strikes, particularly the more vulnerable members such as the elderly, infirm and children. They create a clear Emergency Action Plan so people know what to do and where to go as well as conduct mock drills to teach people how to react and practice peoples roles.


“Friendship conducted a survey and decided to call a meeting to form a Friendship Disaster Management Committee (FDMC) in our community. I was glad to be chosen as a member of the group. We were taught a number of safety measures to help us prepare as much as possible ahead of time. We also learned about how to provide immediate medical help.”

Who we fund

Preparation is key when it comes to facing natural disasters. Friendship has set up a number of initiatives to try and help marginalized communities cope when disasters strike including building water treatment plants, to ensure clean water supplies are available, as well as creating cyclone shelters.

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Poor people cannot afford poor solutions. Donate now and help us save lives by providing additional water treatment plants and cyclone shelters.