Farid, 29

Kochkhali Char

Farid’s Story

Mohammad Sheikh Farid is a 29-year-old community paralegal who has been working in the one of Friendship’s Legal Booths for almost two years now. Every month, he provides legal aid to around ten people. Amongst other things, he is responsible for disseminating legal information to community members, answering their questions, raising awareness of social issues and ensuring they know their rights.


“People don’t really know their rights let alone where to go for legal aid or how to seek justice. They can be uncomfortable talking about their private issues and often don’t know where to begin. But little by little they have gotten to know us and the kind of services that Friendship offers. I do my best to try and advise them and ensure they get the support they need. In fact as a result of my involvement with Friendship, my own sister in-law was able to stop the marriage of her under aged daughter.”

Who we fund

Friendship offers marginalised communities the opportunity to access paralegals for basics legal advice. Our paralegals ensure people know their rights and describe the means for protecting and obtaining these rights. They also help resolve common legal problems that community members might face on a day to day basis (or refer them on to lawyers or other appropriate parties.)

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