Baidyanath Sutradhar

Maldapara, Pabna

Baidyanath Sutradhar’s story

Baidyanath has been building boats since he was 15 years old, a craft he learnt from his father and that he, in turn, has passed down to his sons. For him, much of the learning process involves interacting with the riverine people, understanding how they lived and asking them about the various boats he saw crossing on a daily basis. This has allowed him to gather extensive knowledge of the different styles of boat. He has created small replica models of the original boats to preserve for posterity but recognizes the need to build even more replica boats if the craftsmanship is not to be lost. Baidyanath often wonders whether his generation will be the last to recall the various boat building techniques. He is happy to be able to earn a stable income from a trade that he holds so dear and hopes to do all he can to preserve the knowledge of building these boats so dear to Bangladesh’s cultural heritage.


“We’ll have to train up some people to keep this tradition alive. It’s not like we’ll be around forever, nor will my sons. However, we can pretty much make all the models now. That knowledge needs to be passed on”.

Who we fund

Friendship is establishing a museum in Bangladesh where we will display the replica model boats. Our experienced team of carpenters will also work there demonstrating ancestral techniques as well as teaching the skills to future generations during specific workshops. The museum will serve as testimony to our cultural legacy.

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