Abdus, 59

Sonnashir Char

Abdus’s Story

Abdus is a 59-year old father of four. He grew maize for a living but he did not have the knowledge or money to farm successfully. As maize cultivation is very costly, he could not get good quality seeds and suffered poor yields from which he could not support his family properly. This all changed when he was chosen for agricultural training and received financial assistance for seeds and fertilizers from Friendship. He was able to improve his harvests, his standard of living and support his family.


“God brought Friendship to us as a blessing in our life. Before, I didn’t have access to much assistance to help me in my maize cultivation. I had such poor harvests. But today, my attic is full of my harvest and my family is well nourished; I can also support my family by selling the surplus. My standard of living has improved. Before I could only afford one lungi (traditional sarong), but now I have three. I keep one aside for special occasions or when I visit my relatives”

Who we fund

The agricultural project ensures farmers’ receive training and financial assistance to help sustain and develop their livelihoods as well as achieve food security. Our main objective is to enable the farmers to earn a sustainable income through agriculture so they can support themselves as well as their families.

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Thanks to your donations, we provide training and financial assistance to the underprivileged, remote, rural communities of Bangladesh.